Your business success--the manifestation of your strategy and the realization of your goals--is, to us, as important as the quality and effectiveness of your network. We consult each client and manage every project according to a powerful, tried-and-true methodology. We commit to finishing on time and within budget, and to meeting--or exceeding--your highest expectations.
KB Computer Consulting, Inc. meets the demands of companies in many different industries. Many of our clients are small businesses, whose networks don't warrant an in-house IT department. KB Computer Consulting, Inc. will do what you want done: we can install your
  • Consulting
  • Local Area Networking
  • Wide Area Netwoking
  • Security Services
  • Programming and Web Design
Can KB Consulting work with my existing proprietary software?
Yes! We will work with any software vendor to insure proper operation of your vital software...nt.
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KB Computer Consulting - server set up and support

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